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Introducing 8 Unknown Auction Websites You Didn't Know Exist

This Mad Scientist resource guide will give you a way to get deeply discounted real estate deals from auction sites NO ONE talks about.

  • Do you know about the 3 letter auction website that has no reserve price which means you name your price.

  • UNKNOWN means LITTLE competition and that my friend is how you get the winning bid accepted.

  • Many of these site will even let you visit the property and go inside.



Every prompt you’ll need to use with ChatGPT to unlock its potential to help you market your business 10x better, in half the time!



Every prompt you’ll need to use with ChatGPT to unlock its potential to help you market your business 10x better, in half the time!


Mad Marketing Success

The first-ever platform made for Real Estate Business Owners. You can now organize and manage several marketing tools in a more centralized space.

Buying A Domain

GoDaddy is the world's largest and trusted domain registrar that empowers people like you with creative ideas to succeed online.


We empower real estate entrepreneurs with the data, tools, and marketing solutions needed to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game..


ChatGPT can save time and resources by automating certain tasks that would otherwise require human intervention.

REI Reply

The #1 Marketing CRM For Wholesalers & Real Estate Investors Ready To Automate Their Business & Close More Deals!


PRINTgenie is a Direct Mail, Text & Email Automated Drip Campaign Marketing Delivery Platform Built For

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Podio transforms your project data into one tool to align all content, conversations, and process into one collaboration point.

Host Monster

HostMonster has been providing hosting solutions to thousands of business and personal web sites since 1996. Our internet hosting package helps businesses.


Descript is a new kind of video editor that’s as easy as a doc. Descript’s AI-powered features and intuitive interface fuel.

3 Dollar Caller

Home of the $3 Virtual Assistant.

Home of the $3 Virtual Assistant.

Bard AI

Creative and helpful collaborator, here to supercharge your imagination, boost your productivity, and bring your ideas to life.


Midjourney is an independent research lab exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species.


The most realistic and versatile AI speech software, ever. Eleven brings the most compelling, rich and lifelike voices to creators and publishers seeking the ultimate tools for storytelling.


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